30845 23 Mile Road
Chesterfield, MI 48047

Strength, Speed & Power Conditioning Camp for 8th-12th Grade Boys and Girls

Hosted by the Elite Athletic Performance Academy-EAPA

This five-week camp is designed to help improve and develop both female and male athletes using training methods based upon decades of research done by pioneers in the human movement fields. This camp is non-sport specific, with each training session dedicated to teaching proper sprint mechanics, change of direction ability, with an additional emphasis on strength and power work. In addition, every athlete will be taught how too properly, warm-up, cool-down, stretch and fuel their body for optimal performances in future competitions. Each time slot will be limited to only 20 athletes. This five-week camp format of smaller group sizes is intentionally done to ensure progression over time with increasing exercise intensity and difficulty pushing the athletes to improve themselves; smaller group sizes allow a more personal, and one on one experience that is necessary for true athletic performance development.

Location: 30845 23 Mile Rd, Chesterfield, MI 48047 (located inside of The Sports Academy)

Apparel: Shorts, T-shirt, Running Shoes

Pricing: $120

Zachary Joyce, BSc, CPT - Head Coach/Strength & Speed Coach - Zach is a former 2x all American, Jr. Olympian and Division I Track and Field Champion at Oakland University. Zach has been training athletes for 4 years and was recently on Oakland’s Track and Field staff as an assistant sprint coach. Zach has his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a focus in Exercise Science. His coaching philosophy is “work smarter, not harder” by using research-based training strategies to get proven results, as well as educating athletes in the importance of proper nutrition.

To register contact Zachary Joyce at zach.c.joyce@gmail.com or 810-748-7123.